Happy New Year!

st kitts

Do you feel the connection that we share with everyone around us? In the past, the New Year was one of my most favorite times of the year. It represented a chance to start over, a renewal of sorts. This renewal represented hopefulness, excitement, and possibilities waiting in the upcoming calendar year. Most recently, I had the realization that this energy of renewal is available to us not only in the New Year, but also every morning that we wake to a fresh new day. It is as endless as we choose it to be. Just as the ocean waves never stop washing the shore, we have the opportunity to seize every day as a new day filled with new possibilities of creating and living the life of our own unique dreams and intentions.

We are all connected and what we give out, we also receive. To help you unleash the energy of renewal become aware of what you are giving to others and the world. Ask yourself, what are you giving to others? Here are some suggestions to activate the energy of renewal in your life.

  • Notice when someone does something good and give them a compliment.
  • Tell someone in your life that you love, appreciate, and value them.
  • Forgive someone and let go of the negative things that you have been holding on to in your past.

 I make it a habit to actively give out positive energy and am able to experience the power and vitality of renewal often. This practice pays off in more ways you can even imagine!

Wishing you the happiest New Year in 2015!


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