Our Connection

Mother holds the hand of her child

I was talking to my twelve year old daughter the other day after we went to see the movie, The Hunger Games: The MockingJay –  Part 1. She was telling me how she really loved the movie and the way it was portrayed. She said that some of the scenes were not how she imagined when she was reading the book. The conversation reminded me of the things that I learned in my psychology classes which I was really excited to share with her.

“I pictured the dining areas that they were eating in as my cafeteria at school” – my daughter.

“That is because everything we read, hear, or observe is filtered by our own personal experiences. This gives you a great understanding of people when they tell you stories. They are telling you based on what they know and what they have experienced. Remember that, as it will help you understand where people are coming from” –  me.

I am grateful that I have the opportunity to give my daughter the insight of how to understand people and the way that they understand the life around them as early as age twelve. I think it will give her a huge advantage growing up. She will be able to connect with others authentically and really see them for who they are. I can think of no greater gift.

Have you ever considered that the way you feel about something is because it is rooted in a past experience? Just because it feels that way, does not mean it is the only way.

What are the possibilities?


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